Well, I certainly haven't touched my livejournal in a while. Summer's over, school started. . . eh. Welcome back to The Gulag. Good to see some of people I lost touch with during the summer. I had a good enough summer to hold me over until the next break. And my schedule is in good order now. So what's happened since my last post? My usual summer activities and I went to visit New Jersey and Montreal. Both very good trips. Just got back from pool, time to go out.

For Great Justice!

Fuck the man.

Well, this last week was fucking awesome, followed by a shitty start to this week. My friend Josh came to stay for the week, and we basically got fucked up every night and had an awesome time. So right after he leaves, things start sucking again. I took the week off of work, but suddenly, I'm getting fucked at work. So, my arrangement used to be that I would work Saturdays and Sundays, or one or the other. I would get paid the day I finished working. In cash. Off the books. So I work yesterday and today, and when I'm expecting to get paid, I find out that I'm getting paid bi-weekly, on the books, in check. This is the normal arrangement for most jobs, but this change was out of the blue, the day I was expecting to get paid. So now, I'm getting paid less money and I have to wait longer for it for the same piece of shit job. They couldn't have fucking paid me the money they owe me today, but instead they enact some new fucking payment system. Fucking lovely. It may seem like I'm overreacting, but the fact that I got paid in cash after I worked was the reason I took this job. I can't quit because I need the money. This sucks.


Sweet Jesus I am feeling low right now. School's almost over, but I still feel miserable. No one is around to talk to, just when I need them to be. I feel empty inside. Like there's a void in me. I know it's cliched and all, but that's how I feel. I've never felt more lonely in my life.

So fresh. . . so clean.

Today began finals week. I only had one test today since I have four (!!!) Regents coming up. And it was English. I had to write some pointless essay using some dumb critical lens. At least it's done. Tommorow I have no tests which means lots of Gameboy playing tommorow. Woo! I'll beat you yet, Bowser. I got some Simpsons comics yesterday, which is always good. But I had to go into a comic book store with some scary mother fuckers in it, which is usually a funny but unpleasant experience. At least I made it out alive. I'm gonna bizounce, then I'm off to work. Going to Marlboro soon! Yes! Flavor Country!

Not even five minutes after I finished my last entry. . .

. . . and I'm already starting a new one. Just had to make some observations about my trip to the city yesterday. First of all, it was the type of weather between really warm and kind of cool out, when all the hot chicks come out of hiding and walk around the city. I swear, sitting outside at Big Nick's I almost sprayed shorts there were so many hot chicks walking by. But I was sitting next to this blonde chick, and goddamn it was pissing me off. She was the type that was really hot, but you'd rather shoot yourself in the head than talk to this girl for more then 5 minutes. She was sitting with her dad, and just droning on about the most inane bullshit for about half an hour. Then it dawned on me that almost all of the girls I know are a lot like that. A LOT like that. Really kinda depressing...

But I was dead high so it was okay!

Sitting in the library

Well, today looks like it's gonna be a good day. I finished my essay on time (had to skip a class to do it, that's why I'm in the library right now), got some iced tea in the morning, and now I'm gonna chill. Yesterday I went shopping for dress shoes for work. And I actually found two pairs of shoes for my big-ass feet. Woo! It's weird, I have this big wad of cash at my house, but I'm not spending it. Jesus, what's happening to me??? Heh heh heh. Don't sweat the petty things, don't pet the sweaty things.

So how ya'll doin'?

What a loser!

Man, no plans on a Friday night. I play pool earlier, but that wasn't that great. Well, at least I'm gonna be getting a job soon. Whee!